Jane Watson string Studio

violin lessons, viola lessons & cello lessons

Owner, Jane Watson


Congratulations to my students who have been selected for the following elite groups!

Gracie Denbow -YPCO- 1st Violin

Ella Williams- YPCO- 2nd Violin

Alex Downing-  Columbus Junior Strings

Violin Lessons, Viola Lessons, Cello Lessons

I am a traditionally trained string player.  However, I do incorporate

many elements of the Suzuki training in my style of teaching. Suzuki training puts an emphasis on learning to play by ear.  I think it is important to learn music by ear, because it helps develop the ear. However, I believe that it is more important to learn how to read music while developing the playing skills. Often times when people learn soley through Suzuki, they don't know how to read music quite as well, or it's more difficult leaving students frustrated. I use traditional method books to teach from, but I do work on listening and ear training with my students,

My violin, viola and cello students are encouraged to participate in a string recital usually held in the spring.  

I teach students of all ages, the youngest starting at 3 years of age.  I recommend that young children be able to sit and pay attention for at least 10 minutes before they start learning violin, viola or cello.  Most children start between the ages of 5-8.

I also teach adult students.  There is a misbelief that adults cannot learn to play an instrument.  I have many adult students who achieve a very high level of playing.  I am happy to answer your questions, feel free to contact me!

Want to play in an ensemble?  Just ask me!  All ensembles are by audition only.  I have ensembles for adults and children.  My philosophy is that music should be shared and not played alone!